Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine's Day Dedication

Last summer I partied with two good friends as they celebrated their marriage. They held their glasses high, smiles as big as I have ever seen and as I watched them, I was barely able to choke back my tears. I felt so much happiness for these beautiful women who have been in love for a quarter century and parent a beautiful child. Two people with a love that only a poet could adequately describe. It was such an honor to have been included in their perfect day.

 Two other friends plan to "make it legal" in a few months. They are another couple who have been together a very long time and have a beautiful closeness and love for one another. They are a couple  whose love has endured the disapproval of religious mores, small town conservatism and certain family members disapproval. My heart is filled with so much happiness for them as well and I will make sure to have plenty of tissues with me this time.

This year on Valentine's Day, I will dedicate the day to them, as well as all of the other couples who finally have the right to legally marry. I will think of them as I try to imagine what it must have been like to have waited so long for the voters to decide that it was finally legal to marry. As I celebrate the day with my partner of nearly forty years, I remember how easy it was for the two of us to marry, and how simple it was to get that piece of paper that changed everything for us. Admittedly, it's a privilege we have taken for granted all of this time.

Happy Valentine's Day my dear friends, I love you and send you our best wishes for many more years of happiness.


  1. Sweet post, Elizabeth!
    Blessings to all couples who are able to publicly show their love and dedication to one another.

  2. Beautiful. Yes, how easily we take for granted things.